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    Hey Mailers,

    You know what they say... "Time flys when you're having fun."

    October 2018 will mark the 10 year anniversary of Super Genii, Inc.. We've been helping mailers, large and small, domestic and foreign, manage their software, networks, delivery and data. Our internally developed mailing platform has evolved considerably over the past decade, as have many aspects of email delivery. Let's reminisce for a moment about mailing back in 2008... I think Wii's were the big item back then.. VoloMP was probably the top platform for bulk delivery. (maybe still is?) Yahoo was a goldmine. Wicked Fire was the mailer forum at the time...

    Along with a few Volo machines, we leased a few dozen smaller mail engines, and I was queuing the machines and managing the servers. SO I developed an API, initially to keep all the unsubscribes in sync across all mailing platforms. This evolved into a mechanism to monitor delivery on all the senders, which evolved into the ability to queue the senders from a single location. At this point, I decided we may as well have our system send the mail too. Eventually I started leasing it to other companies, and here we are today.

    Now-a-days, our focus is delivery and hosting over IPv6. Super Genii, Inc. is still helping clients with IPv4 networks too. Delivery is mainly to GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL as well as cable and international domains. SMTP analysis, network functionality, IP routing, DNS and authentication, Server Management - You can count on us to keep it all working smoothly so you can focus on your marketing.

    If you want to connect with us, please visit www.datamcp.com.


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