5 Reasons for email Marketing

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    This is the way Constant Contact looks at email marketing and their 5 reasons for someone to start doing it. While these aren't exactly reasons that an indivdual would use when considering whether or not to venture into email marketing, (you'll understand why I say this after reading reason #1) it does cover a few crucial points to remember as you decide which route is actually best for you. Whether you go with an ESP or a stand alone platform, you have to remember the "why" before you decide on the "how".


    With regard to easy, they're clearly referring to getting set up with them or another ESP. Make no mistake about it, it is NOT EASY. It may be affordable to get into email, easy to use and ESP, but there are still many things to take into account to really be effective and profitable with email marketing.

    Take your time, email marketing isn't going to disappear over night. You don't have to rush into a decision and frankly doing so is stupid. Talk to people, go to shows, READ everything you can. When it comes time to make a decision do yourself a favor and look at as many options as you can. Then sleep on it! But be preparred to put time and serious effort into it after you do pull the trigger. The smarter you work at the start will make all the difference after you have 6 months, a year, two years under your belt. Learn from those that have gone before you and you'll have a great shot at becoming a solid email marketer!


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