5 Ways to Customize Your Email Marketing for Better Results

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    Customizing your marketing to the recipient is one of the biggest benefits of email marketing. Unlike blogging or social media updates which are viewed by hundreds or thousands of prospects at once, email marketing messages can be targeted directly to the end user.
    With custom marketing, your messages can be altered in the delivery process to include information related to the recipient. When messages are customized your list members are more likely click-through to your website, make a purchase or take another action. With these five different options, you can customize your marketing messages for better impact.

    Segment Your List Based on Sign-Up Date

    Those who have recently joined your list may not know about all the features of your product or perks to your service. Sending an informational email to recent subscribers that highlights this information can help build your relationship and increase sales. Make it a point to send out regular emails once a quarter or every other month to your newest subscribers.

    Segment Your List Based on Behavior

    Someone who has made a recent purchase or who has clicked through to your website and read a story deserves a specialized message. By segmenting your audience in this way you can treat these “action takers” with special attention. Your success rate with sales messages to previous buyers is going to be a lot higher than with those who haven’t made a purchase before. Look for patterns of behavior in your overall list that you can use to create an “action taker” segment to customize your marketing.
    Segment Your List Based on Location

    If you are marketing to several different countries, it is important to recognize local differences. Obviously, you will want to invest in having your email messages translated if you are marketing to non-English speaking countries. But there are even differences among how people in English speaking countries communicate. There are different terms and variations in salutations. Alter your text for different locations. Also, pay attention to local holidays and regional festivities. There’s no point in sending a Superbowl Sunday special to your Canadian or UK list members.

    Use Custom Fields for Name and Industry

    Collecting information from your email list members as the sign up is standard practice. But are you putting this information to good use? With custom fields you can make your emails speak directly to your audience in an authentic way. Receiving an email that’s addressed personally to the list member can be eye catching and inviting. You can also do the same thing with industry information or other information you gathered during the sign up process.

    Conduct Surveys to Get More Personalized Information

    If you want more options for custom marketing, you will need to get more information from your audience. It is helpful to conduct regular surveys with your list members to get their feedback and also collect other important information – like their stage in the buying cycle. The information you collect with a survey can be integrated in your customized email marketing plan.
    There are dozens of custom marketing options available with email marketing. Have you tried any of the customizations above? What were your results?


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