A Marketing Tribute to a Macho Man

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    by Andy Shore

    Today we were sad to learn about the passing of wrestling superstar Macho Man Randy Savage. It seems like just yesterday Pierce was doing his best impression (actually it was yesterday). Savage hadn’t been a public face lately, but there is a reason that so many people still mourn his death today. He was flashy, he had catchphrases and he was well-branded. I’m pretty sure I even had a Macho Man Randy Savage action figure at one point in my life, and maybe even one of those inflatable things that bob up and down when you hit them.

    Like I said before, it’s no mistake that Macho Man Randy Savage is one of the few WWF wrestlers we can still recall vividly. He had his “OHHHH YEAH!!!” to hype up the crowd while he was in the ring and “snap into a Slim Jim” when on the TV screen. It is instantly recognizable all these years later. For an email marketer, having something that catchy that will stick with your subscribers can mean the longterm success of your email campaigns. It can be the name of your newsletter or even a catchy or funny video bit.

    Another thing that made Macho Man Randy Savage so memorable was his flashy clothes. He had colorful outfits, cowboy hats and headbands and sunglasses that said MACHO on them. Those images are forever ingrained in my memory. Do your templates stand out like that? Maybe you need to add some color - a little extra punch. A great design will make your subscribers take notice.

    We’ll all have to snap into a Slim Jim in remembrance of the great Macho Man Randy Savage today. Seems like a (slightly) safer and less violent tribute than delivering a diving elbow drop to an opponent. We can also honor him by taking what he showed us and applying it to our email campaigns. Sometimes it’s good to be flashy and give your subscribers something they won’t soon forget.

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    I live here
    R.I.P Randy ...terrible

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