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    This was my first Affiliate Summit. I had attended AdTech many years ago but never made the Summit until this year. It was worth the trip.

    I didn't have a pass for the convention, but didn't need one either. The bar right outside the convention seemed to be the best place to set up shop and meet people, and it was nice to finally see some of you in person for the first time.

    Special thanks to Steve and Murad at the MailerMeetup for letting me in. Next time I will properly RSVP in advance guys. But, if you are a serious mailer who likes to network with people, this is an event you need to attend.

    Also special thanks to the LegalOffers team for letting us crash their table and drink their booze at the Affiliate Ball.

    Ultimately, my reason for attending was not for new business, but to meet my clients and some of their IP suppliers and Ad Networks. Some of these people have been with me for years and it was important for me to personally thank them, and finally put a face to all the chats and phone calls. But this also led to many new introductions, as well as random conversations at the bar with nice people in the biz.

    Glad I went.

    Super Genii, Inc.

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