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    Based on some recent testing, here are my finding so I thought I'd share

    A setting of 10 connections and 5 per connection results in some "too many connections" responses (eg. "421 4.7.0 Error: too many connections from ------)
    * A setting to 5 connections and 10 per connection removes that response (at least for the low volume of 1K)

    The "421 4.7.1 : (RLY:B3)" response occurs in both cases (most likely due to the past reputation of the IPs)

    Based on the above observations, it seems that for AOL domains, the number of simultaneous connections should be under 10 and the maximum number of recipients per connection should be under 25.

    Therefore try the 5 connections and 10 per connection settings, especially those that get the "too many connections" response. Please note that this means changing the Good Neighbour settings for each applicable draft (the default Good Neighbours Settings should also be changed so that future drafts will take the new settings).

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