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    General Update

    Posted May 5th 2011 4:51PM by Margot Romary

    We are in the process of automating email problem report resolution. This is a mid-term project, and is being implemented in stages on a queue-by-queue basis. (Ex: Each unique error code type represents a different queue, as do feedback loop and whitelist requests. )

    The last couple of months were spent migrating our sundry ticketing systems onto one common platform -- essentially readying a back-end for the front-end logic flow that you will interface with. We are excited to finally be addressing the part of this project that will offer, in most cases, immediate resolution to your issues.

    We are starting with router-level queues, the first of which will be RTR:BB errors. I will post on our progress as we push the code into production, along with what ticket submitters should expect with the automated process specific to the queue addressed. If you are seeing problems with the queues in transition, please comment on that particular blog post, and we'll take a look.

    Meanwhile, our Postmaster staff will continue handling every ticket we receive.

    Thanks for your patience and support during this transition!


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