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    Going to ASW14? Great.

    Stop by the VoloMP Meet Market Table (#751) between noon and 6PM on Sunday to add your name to our racing giveaway. We'll choose the winner by 6:05 PM. If you're it, kiss your Monday afternoon meetings g'bye!

    You'll be racing whatever supercar you choose (a Ferrari 458? a Lamborghini Aventador? a McLaren? you get the idea) on VoloMP's dime. Learn more here.

    Also! Besides the usual suspect, Head of Client Relations Chris Doyle, our Head of Technology Vladimir Zidar and Senior Support Specialist Joe Simovic will be there. This is your chance to get to know more about VoloMP than any sane individual would want. Bring on your most newbie or mind bending, techie questions about mailing. If one of these three dudes can't answer it, we'll take you to Chuck E. Cheese's (in Belgrade, Serbia flight not included).

    See you Sunday.

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