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Discussion in 'Mail Chat' started by Jerryc926, Jan 4, 2012.

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    Hi this is JerryC926

    I am having a great deal of trouble with high rejection rates into bulk for gmail, yahoo and hotmail.

    I send only brand emails and never more than 2,000,000 per day. I change domain names at least once a month, modify subject lines with client's approval, modify creatives with approval, rotate 14,000,000 data base, mail only 8 campaigns per day, and try to rotate IP's to avoid blacklisting.

    I have paid for expert advice, plug in software etc. I am a legitimate mailer trying to meet the highest standards, but apparently I don't know what I am doing.

    Does anybody have any suggestions how I can improve my service?

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    Jerry C926
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    Apr 2, 2011
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    Hi JerryC926,

    Your numbers don't make sense.
    You say you have a database of 14M.
    You send 2M/day.
    You send 8 messages to those 2M?
    Wouldn't that total 16M messages?

    If you're sending the same people 8 messages a day I imagine if any of your messages land in their 'inbox' they're going to click the SPAM button....

    What do you mean change domain names? From domains, url domains ?

    Yahoo uses a filtering system that takes IP and domain history into account, it also looks at your overall recipient quality and what the recipients do with your messages [read, delete, spam]..
    If you're beating the crap out of your data and they're complaining you're going to get blocked..
    If you're changing out your from/url domains and not your sending IPs while sending your beatup data 8 offers a day, you're going to get blocked..
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    I live here
    Hey Jerry, more info is needed if you're looking at isolating this issue. Firstly, what do you mean by "rejection rate?" are you blocked or are you just being spammed, bulking or blackholing ? If you're getting blocked then what are corresponding block codes? Understanding why you're being blocked is the first step, and if you have a test sublist, drop it to that and monitor its inbox placement and error codes. You might simply be blocked due to a link in your creative or your creative itself. This is also your chance to play around with different from names and monitor which ones get inbox placement.

    Also, why are you swapping out domain names ????? If this is indeed a "branded email" (ie ppl have signed up to your email offer) than changing From names and domains names doesn't work in your favor, unless you're having bulking issues.

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