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    Bronto Software Inc.

    Located in Durham, NC, USA and found at

    Products and services

    Bronto Software is a powerful email marketing platform with advanced segmentation and extensive analytical tools. Bronto was designed by marketers for marketers, including the latest deliverability technologies and a robust API, laying the groundwork for seamless integrations. The intuitive interface empowers marketers to efficiently deploy and manage email marketing campaigns.

    Bronto features include segmentation, dynamic content, real-time reporting, re-mailing, template creation, conversion tracking, and transactional emails.

    Segmentation. Sharpen your messages and promotions by speaking to the attributes that make your audience unique. Bronto's list segmentation capabilities help you to send targeted messages to groups of contacts and leverage information such as contact demographics, preferences and purchase history.

    Dynamic Content. Reinforce the connection with your customers by personalizing your communications. Bronto's Dynamic Content capability makes it easy for you to incorporate personal profile and relationship history data into the content of your message.

    Real-time reporting. Get up-to-the-minute visibility into the performance of your email message. Key performance indicators show how recipients are reacting to your subject line, message content and creative, helping you devise strategies for future campaigns.

    Re-mail. As the window of opportunity closes on a promotion, Bronto can help you offer a new call to action to recipients who had not opened your initial message. Retailers often find that open rates on a re-mail campaign will meet or exceed those of the initial message.

    Templates. Getting your message to market quickly can mean the difference between capitalizing on an opportunity or losing revenue to the competition. Building a branded template in Bronto means that you're ready to launch into action at a moment's notice.

    Conversion Tracking. Do you need intelligence on how your e-mail marketing efforts drive revenue? Leverage Bronto's conversion tracking capability to see the direct path from email receipt to revenue conversion and average order size growth.

    Transactional e-mails. Once you've converted a prospect into a paying customer, there's no better time to reinforce your new relationship and offer a cross-sell opportunity. Purchase confirmation e-mails enjoy open and click-through rates greater than any other mailing tactic. Follow up on your new conversion to reinforce the positive shopping experience with a new call to action and start maximizing customer lifetime value.

    Professional Services. At Bronto, we're committed to helping you be the best possible marketer - and that's achieved through building a strong relationship focused exclusively on understanding your marketing goals and targeting your success. To achieve this goal, Bronto service and support is organized into four areas of focus:

    * Account Management
    * Customer Support
    * Account Optimization
    * Creative Services

    Customers we serve

    Online retailers, interactive agencies and marketing departments have learned to depend on Bronto Software to achieve email marketing success.

    Why you should pick us

    At Bronto, we understand the needs of online retailers and continue to develop our product as well as services to accommodate the ever-expanding needs of our customers. Look to Bronto for your email marketing needs.
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    Very solid platform. Some of the best analytics I've seen for an ESP. The pricing is a bit expensive to justify as a newsletter solution and the volume delivered won't be high enough to justify as a high volume sender. Bronto fits somewhere in the middle, great for people who need to send to recipients between 50 - 100k.

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