Common Rookie Mistakes

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    Common email-marketing rookie mistakes, including:

    Not having permission
    Confusing transactional emails with email marketing
    Assuming people remember who you are
    Writing like a used-car salesman
    Ignoring campaign reports
    Sending with a personal reply-to address
    If you’re new to email marketing, you’re probably excited about sending out lots of emails to your customers. But if you’re in a rush, you might end up sending emails to people who have forgotten about you, or worse, didn’t give you permission in the first place. You might accidentally send the wrong kinds of emails or use language that offends your recipients. Even stuff like using an unprofessional reply-to address can get you in trouble for spamming. So before you start blasting campaigns, check out these common mistakes that email-marketing rookies often make.

    Don’t send a big email campaign to your customers, and use your "@yahoo" or "@aol" home email address. You have a website, don’t you? (If not, you probably shouldn’t be sending any email campaigns at all yet.) Use your website’s domain—you should already have email accounts set up under that domain. Some people like setting up an additional [email protected] address for their emails. That works too.

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