Compelling case for Returnpath Certification?

Discussion in 'Mail Chat' started by roundabout, May 27, 2011.

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    Article is old, but I didn't realize what this does to your SA score.. check it out.

    Compelling Case for Returnpath Certification

    Brandon, our deliverability engineer (who I mentioned in this post), has been tinkering with my MailChimp account. His most recent experiment was to move my account to a dedicated IP address (yeah, we do that), and seek ReturnPath Certification.

    Last week, when I sent my MonkeyWrench campaign, I ran an Inbox Inspection and noticed a really crazy Spam Assassin score. For those of you who don’t know, the higher the score, the more likely your email will get blocked. Look at what SenderScore did for me:


    If you’re a high volume sender who’s considering certification, here’s at least one compelling reason to look at ReturnPath.

    Of interest is a comment left by a user that I agree with:

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    Compelling reason NOT to pay ReturnPath: they're extortionists.

    1) They operate the FBLs for many of the major email providers including Yahoo, Hotmail as well as most of the top-tier broadband ISPs (verizon, time warner, etc).

    2) They use this errant data to fabricate a "sender score" which is entirely black box.

    3) They offer you a VERY EXPENSIVE certification program that will "whitelist" with whichever providers Returnpath is in bed with.

    If you wanna shell out money to a company that plays the middle like Returnpath does, I can only wish bad things upon you for supporting little more than a criminal organization.
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    Returnpath doesn't accept 3rd party email anymore aside from certifying it, is their certification useful for anything outside of spam assassin?

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