CON:B1 AOL error code, aol postmaster remarks

Discussion in 'Mail Chat' started by roundabout, Nov 30, 2012.

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    re: CON:B1 AOL error code


    If your mail is being deferred with a CON:B1 error code, you may be experiencing a block given to IPs with poor reputation. This is not a permanent block, nor does it mean that none of your mail is being delivered; we will deliver enough of it to enable us to see any positive changes to your mail stream. Your reputation will be recalculated based on that mail. As your reputation improves, so will your delivery. For help with IP reputation, please see:

    Please apply for Feedback Loop at our website

    Please make appropriate changes and allow 8-10 days for your reputation to change, and re-evaluate your delivery before opening a follow up ticket.

    Thank you,
    AOL Postmaster.

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