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    Constant Contact, Inc.

    Located in Waltham, MA, USA and found at

    Products and services

    Email marketing service for small businesses, associations, and nonprofits.
    Customers we serve

    Constant Contact serves small businesses and organizations across a wide spectrum of industries and fields, from restaurants, personal services, and travel and tourism companies, to retail, financial and legal services, and associations and nonprofits, and everyone else in-between.
    Why you should pick us

    Constant Contact is the leading email marketing service for small businesses, associations, and nonprofits. With more than 100,000 customers today, Constant Contact helps small businesses and organizations succeed in building lasting customer relationships through professional email communications, including newsletters, announcements, promotions, and more.

    All types of small businesses and organizations - from retail, restaurants, and spas to business services, consultants, nonprofits, and associations - use Constant Contact to create powerful email communications, build and manage lists, and track campaign results. With Constant Contact, users can communicate with current customers and members easily and affordably, build customer loyalty, and generate repeat business.

    In 2006, Constant Contact launched ConnectUp!, a user community for users to connect with like-minded peers to get ideas, share insights, ask questions, and foster best practices for all aspects of email marketing, growing their small businesses, and achieving success.

    Additionally, Constant Contact offers Email Marketing Hints & Tips, a monthly email newsletter where CEO Gail Goodman educates readers on email marketing strategies, techniques, and best practices and how it can help grow a small business or organization.

    Constant Contact's 60-day free trial allows small businesses and organizations to try the service at no risk or obligation. Customers and trailers also benefit from free customer support (phone, email, or chat) and personal coaching. Whether help is needed to get the first email created or a quick question about email marketing best practices, there is a consultant to guide customers and trailers every step of the way.

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