Cox Email Outage

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    Cox Email Outage Enters Third Day

    Cox Communications claims to be “your friend in the digital age,” but things have gotten mighty unfriendly this weekend when it comes to email.

    The Cox email service went down Friday afternoon or evening, and there appears to be no end to the outage in sight.

    The “global” outage appears to affect Cox residential internet customers in 11 states, including Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Virginia, according to KAKE TV. The email crash may also have affected Cox subscribers in Arizona, Iowa, and California.

    Cox posted this noncommittal update on its residential support page as of 9:30 am Eastern time:

    Many understandably unhappy customers have posted to the Cox Facebook page demanding answers and expressing their frustration. This is a typical entry:

    “My patience went out the window this morning after waking up to no email yet again. Unacceptable! Lack of communication between Cox and the customer is my biggest complaint over the last year. If it wasn’t for high speed internet, our services would have been changed a long time ago!”

    Cox evidently has yet to specifically explain why the email servers went down in the first place. The company insists that there has been no security breach, however. The Cox internet service is working normally.

    Are you a customer of Cox Communications who has lost email functionality this weekend? Do you think that Cox at the very least should issue refunds for this weekend’s email outage?

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