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    I live here
    Location : Montreal, Canada
    They are both fully hosted and semi-hosted solution i.e you provide them with the server and they install the mailing platform on it.

    Pro's - Having been in the biz for 10yrs they have a huge database of Hard bounces and global unsubs, if you're looking for a good scrub.
    -There platform is super fast they can get out to 1MM per hr per server.
    -Adknowledge integrated

    Cons - They don't like 3rd party marketers and even on a non-hosted platform they may shut you down if bounces or complaints are too high.
    -They don't have facebook email sign-up integration yet :(

    Company Profile

    Whether you want self-serve or full-serve email marketing support, Cypra's Entreprise platform offers you a full array of services to integrate your online marketing and optimize your email effectiveness. Entreprise email solutions and Entreprise email consulting services will guide you toward better integration with your web site, better practice, and the resulting better ROI. Customized support for content, complex triggers, ladders, testing, website integration, API integration, list maintenance and analytics are all within the scope of Cypra Entreprise solutions.
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    If you are using 3rd party data, you don't stand a chance with these guys. I know a guy who tried, and he submitted over 1mm emails for their review before upload, they cleared like 25,000 based on the sources.

    So they're definitely on the side of conservative, But, thats a good thing if your data is legit and not shared by 1001 other mailers. If so, these guys are the place to go.

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