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Discussion in 'Mail Chat' started by leroyisgod, May 27, 2011.

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    For all of you mailers out there, when it comes to the types of data you're mailing. What verticals do you see as having the highest quality data? I ask because when we first started mailing we wanted to avoid mailing promotional or coreg data. The reason being is that this data is the most whored out and abused data in our space. I would know because I had worked at both WebCliients and ModernAd Media(now Acquinity Interactive) and it was our philosophy to give the data to as many mailers as possible and get as much of the data as possible. So when we started mailing we waned to concentrate on other verticals where the data was much higher quality. Verticals like insurance, education, finance, etc. We focus on these other verticals because the cpm's on the esp we use are a little bit higher than others and to make promo and coreg to work I've seen you really have to hammer the data hard.


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