Deliverability Summit Wants You - 12/1/11

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    Daily Delivery – Deliverability Summit Wants You

    Event Date: Dec 1

    Location: Manchester, NH

    Following in the success of the DNS Industry Insider’s event Dyn helps plan called, Inside Baseball, this will be an opportunity to meet with experts in the area of email deliverability to discuss current challenges and trends as well as shape the future. If your goal is to ensure SPAM is not delivered to customers, but valid and desired messages are, this summit is for you. Topics will include current trends, managing ISP relationships, tools and approaches to ensure deliverability, and more.

    In addition, open discussions on policies, procedures, and compliance can help shape how we deliver the services our customers require. Using publications from coalitions like ESPC and MAAWG can help us remain credible in the industry and provide indicators on industry and providers shifts that will enable us to manage our relationships proactively. Let’s join forces to define and create the new industry of Email Deliverabilty.

    The event will be wrapped up by a DynTini (free drinks and networking on Dyn) featuring a performance by Philadelphia-based indie roots band, Hoots & Hellmouth. (details and registration)

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    Looks interesting and can't beat free. Im there to see Hoots and Hellmouth!

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