DMARC's Abysmal Adoption Explains Why Email Spoofing is Still a Thing

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    Companies around the world are still failing to see the benefits of implementing DMARC, an email security protocol designed to prevent email spoofing, the primary trick used by cybercriminals to deliver phishing emails and BEC scams. From a report:Around 79.7% don't use DMARC, according to a report that surveyed the DMARC policies deployed with 21,075 business and government domains. The survey, carried out by email security and analytics firm 250ok, analyzed domains from sectors such as Fortune 500, US government (Executive, Legislative and Judicial), the China Hot 100, the top 100 law firms, international nonprofits, the SaaS 1000, education, e-commerce, financial services, and travel sectors. The survey looked specifically at DMARC adoption because of the protocol's importance.

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