Do Your Subject Lines Have CURVE??

Discussion in 'Mail Chat' started by PushSend, May 24, 2011.

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    I love testing subjects and froms. I'm always pushing to get my opens up so I can let the creative do some of the heavy lifting for me and get my peeps to the LP. And that's a good sized portion of what we have to deal with. I mean, delivery is one part, albeit an important one, but certainly not the money maker. If your delivery suffered but your open rate was rediculously high, it would make up for that lack of delivery, no? Whether your mail is in the inbox or the bulk folder, it comes down to the subject and if it's shit, you get no opens. If you have a winner, you get the opens you need to make money. Because last time I checked, an unopened email doesn't make SHIT! Here's one guys take on how to create better subject lines:



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