Don Lapre arrested for 52M fraud while bleeding out from an attempted suicide

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    They say the marshal always gets his man, but there's no guaranteeing the condition the fugitive will be in when nabbed.

    Take infomercial huckster Don Lapre, who made the not-so smooth move of failing to appear for his arraignment in federal court on 41 counts of fraud-related charges. After his no-show on Wednesday, June 22, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

    U.S. Marshals had him in custody by Thursday evening.

    But when federal agents stopped the car Lapre was in, near Warner Road and Interstate 10 in Tempe, they found the marketing guru suffering from deep, self-inflicted knife wounds to his thigh and groin.

    The U.S. Marshals Service believes the vitamin peddler had been trying to hit his femoral artery in order to bleed out and commit suicide. The ultimate method of eluding capture.

    Deputy marshals (one of whom was a paramedic) tended to his wounds and transported Lapre to an area hospital, according to U.S. Marshal for Arizona David Gonzales.

    Gonzales told me Lapre underwent surgery and is now being held at an undisclosed medical facility. The wounds were so severe that the judge may have to go to the hospital to proceed with his initial appearance hearing.
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    This is kinda sad if you ever knew Don. I did. I worked for him WAY back in the day telemarketing for him. I consider him to be one of the all time great salesmen I've ever met. While what he did wasn't considered ethical or to some even legal, what remains is that no one can deny he did it better than most anyone else. He had the longest running infomercial on TV for almost 20 years. He built, lost and rebuilt more companies and fortunes than I can count but in the end, his greed and clouded judgement have obviously been his downfall.

    first jail conversation:

    Don (to Con #1) - "what are you in for"?

    Con - "murder"

    Don (to con #2) - "what are you in for"?

    Con #2 - "drug smuggling across international borders and murder".

    Cons - "What are you in here for"?

    Don - "I made around 50MM sellin' some bullshit on TV".

    exit to gang rape.....


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