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    Please note my additional question in red @ bottom.


    Do you ever wonder whether you are creating a positive, professional impression when you email your subscribers? Or do you think that they might actually be shrieking in horror whenever they see your mail pop-up in their inbox?

    It's time to find out...
    Take our Email Marketing Quiz to see how you grade as an email marketer:

    1) When you create content for a newsletter, it’s best to make sure you have:
    A. As much text as possible, copy that explains a topic from all angles
    B. A template to put this content in to
    C. Lots of super size images

    2) In the footer of an email newsletter, you should include:
    A. A picture of your pet panda
    B. Only your first name
    C. All your relevant contact information

    3) If you know the recipient is often in a hurry, the best way to supply supporting information is:
    A. To just leave it out
    B. Attaching it as a separate document
    C. Having it delivered by carrier pigeon

    4) The best way to make several points in a newsletter is:
    A. Include all the points in the last paragraph
    B. Use lists with bullets or numbers
    C. Put it on a banner and rent an airplane to do a fly-over your target reader's office

    5) Segmentation is...
    A) The practice of dividing a customer base into groups of individuals that have similar interests
    B) Is something that happens when I use a mobile coupon to unlock exclusive content
    C) Is what happens after I've peeled an orange

    6) Social Integration of your newsletter is best achieved by…
    A) Buying the first round of beers at your office party
    B) A promotional email campaign that encourages people to join your social pages
    C) Adding social widgets to the footer of your newsletter

    7) Do you take mobile devices into consideration when designing your email?
    A) Only when I feel like it
    B) Yes, I keep my design to a one column format and reduce the size of my images
    C) Of course I optimize my emails to be read inside of cars and other forms of transportation!

    8) Do you offer your clients the option to unsubscribe?
    A) No, once they sign up with me I own their inbox for life. It’s in the fine print
    B) Yes, but I make sure that my opt-out features are well concealed
    C) Yes and then GraphicMail adds them to a block list automatically

    9) How did you build up your mailing list?
    A) I have gathered email addresses from events and conventions
    B) I have a subscription form on my website
    C) I buy email lists from all over the place and send to them quite happily

    10) Have you ever done an AB split test before sending your Newsletter?
    A) Always
    B) What is an AB split test?
    C) Yes, I can do the split, as well as many other gymnastic moves

    You're almost there, only two more tricky questions:

    Jack dresses up in his downtown apartment and heads to a nearby club. He arrives there without incident (delivery) and gets in the line outside the club to wait for his turn.

    11) Next he needs to make it past the bouncer (spam filter) who will let him go in if:
    A) He picks a fight with the bouncer and survives
    B) He successfully bribes his way onto the guest list
    C) He matches the dress code (clean HTML) and isn't drunk and talking nonsense (content scan)

    When Jack gets into the club (inbox arrival) he spots a good looking girl.

    12) He gets close to her and launches his pick up line (email subject). The best kind of pick up line he could use is:
    A) Something stuttered and misspelt
    B) Something brief, relevant and interesting
    C) One that’s full of dubious statements and exaggerations about his feats of manliness (scam)

    13) This test is
    A) for a moronic butthead
    B) very difficult, I spent hours and keep failing it
    C) designed by someone who has no clue how to mail


    One point is earned for every correct answer.

    1) A 5) A 9) B
    2) C 6) C 10) A
    3) B 7) B 11) C
    4) B 8) C 12) B
    So, how do you rate?

    9 - 12 Points: Straight-A email marketer! You can't touch this! Well done and keep emailing!

    5 - 8 Points: Close but no cigar. You are aware of what needs to be done in order to make your campaigns a real success, but you may need some more help. We suggest signing up for one our webinars to brush up on your skills.

    0 - 4 Points: You are, quite likely, a material girl living in a material world, and a general hazard to the inbox. It’s time to brush up on your email marketing basics again and improve your knowledge. Check out some of these emailing videos to help you.

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    Key Largo, FL!
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    I love this image!

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