Email More Popular Than Beer...

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    As I close down for the holiday break, I though I'd leave you with some lighthearted statistics about email. Something to impress the relatives with.


    1. According to Google Trends, email is more popular than Elvis, the Beatles, chocolate, beer, Justin Bieber and Harry Potter but not sex.
    2. Say you printed out each non-spam email sent in the world on a single piece of standard A4 copy paper:

    One days worth of emails would produce a stack of paper 2,159 times taller than Mt. Everest

    It would take just over 20 days for the stack to reach the moon

    In just under 2 hours, you would have enough paper to cover the continental USA

    Around 4 days later, you could cover the earths entire surface area

    3. If email accounts were people, the email population would be:

    2.3 times the size of China
    9.9 times the size of the USA
    38 times the size of Germany

    Happy holidays and thank you so much for blessing me with your attention in 2011. See you next year!

    source: email marketing reports

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    Can't help but think this news article is sponsored by the postal service. Did you see their TV ad where they try to play down email in lieu of sending a letter, because email can contain viruses? Hey, I never got anthrax from opening an email.

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