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    Located in Menlo Park, CA, USA and found at

    Products and services

    EmailLabs empowers organizations with leading-edge email marketing technology solutions. Easy to use technology, unrivaled tracking options, and secure/reliable infrastructure are EmailLabs' hallmarks and the focus of our continued email technology product development. The EmailLabs application offers an extensive feature set that meet the needs of both experienced direct marketers and those new to email marketing, including:

    * Event/Trigger Based-Emails
    * Unlimited Demographic Records
    * Segmentation Filters
    * Mail Merge/Advanced Personalization
    * Detailed Message/List Real-Time Reporting
    * Workflow Task Management
    * Web Site Tracking
    * Historical Tracking by Recipient
    * Dynamic Content Wizard
    * CRM Integration/API Interface
    * ISP Relations
    * CAN-SPAM Compliance
    * Deliverability Reporting via Habeas Integration
    * SFP/SenderID
    * Application Training
    * Best Practices Seminars
    * Responsive Customer Support
    * Enterprise-Level Security and Reliability
    * Proof List/Test System
    * A/B Split/Random Group Testing
    * Template System
    * Spam Content Checker
    * Content Library
    * Customizable Opt-In Forms
    * Reader Surveys/User Profiles
    * Referral/Send to a Friend
    * Individual Tracking/Profiling
    * Filter-Based Reports
    * Open and Click-Through Histograms
    * Export Reports to Excel
    * Reports By Email
    * Custom Report Builder
    * Reply/Unsubscribe Handling
    * Enhanced Bounce Processing
    * Purchase Tracking

    Customers we serve

    EmailLabs works with middle market and Global 2000 companies. Our client roster includes Nokia, Agilent, PalmSource, Washington Mutual, Jupitermedia, McGraw-Hill, Steve Madden and NEC/Mitsubishi.

    Why you should pick us

    EmailLabs provides more than email technology. We also provide the expertise and service needed to make your email marketing efforts a success. Our Web-based interface allows you to easily integrate your customer data, eliminating the IT hassle of installing and managing in-house email marketing software. Our Client Services team provides complete support from initial set up to email campaign delivery. Advanced email marketing solutions are available to help you better communicate with your clients, potential clients, employees, partners, investors or other key contacts.

    EmailLabs is integrated with the HBX Web Analytics solution from WebSideStory, which enables joint clients to target email campaigns on an individual level more easily - through segmentation and personalization - based on an email subscriber's/site visitor's past behavior. Habeas' real-time seedbox monitoring data is also integrated directly into the EmailLabs Campaign Reports, allowing clients to view inbox vs. bulk folder rates by ISPs alongside other important campaign metrics such as overall open and click-through rates, bounces, unsubscribes, and Web-page visits. The first of its kind, this combined solution between EmailLabs and Habeas eliminates the hassle of logging in and out of separate services to assess the complete deliverability metrics of an email marketing campaign.

    EmailLabs offers demanding clients advanced email technology, custom solutions, responsive customer support, performance improvement services and superior delivery rates. We also have significant experience at transitioning clients to EmailLabs from other vendors or in-house systems - whether software or ASP. Between major version upgrades, EmailLabs adds dozens of new features and enhancements.

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