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    Hi Everyone,

    I just started over here at Empyre Media and I want to let you know that this is a very mailer friendly network. Personally I've been in the industry since 2004 and was an email affiliate in the past on my own and I'm getting ready to launch internal email traffic for Empyre in the next month. I know what it's like being a mailer and I want to work with other mailers that are focused on volume and quality. I will always be up front and honest with you about stats on an offer because that is what I want from an Affiliate Manager. If I lied to you and you ran it and it didn't work the way I said it would you wouldn't work with me again, so it's pointless for me not to give you all the info you need before you set up a drop. I would much rather have 1 or 2 long term partners than 20 guys that do 1 or 2 drops and leave.

    Having said that, if you are a quality mailer looking for a network that wants to be your partner and not just take a cut of it, please sign up for Empyre Media today and ask for Brian. Here is a link to sign up: http://www.empyremedia.com/publisher-signup-form/?r=0. If you'd like to contact me directly send me a PM and I'll get in touch with you however you like (phone, email, Skype, IM, etc...). If you tell me what kind of offers work best for you, I'll put together a list of offers that I think will perform well for you given those parameters.

    One of our latest offers, Susan's Business Blog, is really hot and has seen EPCs up to $4. Most mailers are seeing around a $2 EPC and display traffic actually converts a little better. So if you have a site along with your email platform there are two ways for you to run this one. Here is the LP: http://www.susansbusinessblog.com/index.php? and we're allowing US, UK, CA, and AU traffic. This offer converts on a 3rd page CC submit.

    I look forward to working with you all.

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