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    I won't fill this post with a bunch of nonsense about how Envyus Media is the best network with the highest payouts because everybody seems to be "the best network with the highest payouts." What I will tell you is that we are a network that knows what we are doing because we are extremely knowledgeable in the industry and have been around the block several times.

    We are 80% direct to advertiser and 20% syndicated with top tier networks - no broke bottom feeders. We have a highly experienced and extremely technical staff and can compete with the payouts of any other big boy network.

    If you are looking for a network that shoots it straight and handles business the right way head on over and see what we have to offer. I am sure you will enjoy your time with Envyus as you will receive your payment on time every time and receive top dollar for your campaigns.

    Anyhow... Enjoy with the rambling. Thanks for reading the post and I look forward to getting some of you guys on board. Mailers rock the industry and we would thoroughly enjoy having some of you pushing traffic our way.

    Brian McLevis
    The Boss // EnvyusMedia.com

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