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    Hi guys,

    I was once on this forum before and was involved with the first competition held on Mailerforum,my username was previously known as sngllc and stats were posted for that contest, so hopefully that gives me some credibility here lol. Since then I have made my way over to consulting new mailers on data, server purchasing (ranging from large blocks to small /28s). Our company can help supply fully can spam complaint data for users as well as continually point them in the right direction to which isps to work with and which are running specials if funds are low. I have many people on this forum whom have worked with myself and my business partners. If interested in our consulting services which range from starting from total scratch (finding esps, servers, providing data, the art of inboxing gi, etc) to just subscribing to our monthly services of tracking down server companies for you each month with the cheapest yet most proficient software that will work best with your specific esp, or to even establishing a long lasting relationship with large isps in order to order large blocks of space for tld use. Please pm me if you have any further interest. Thanks for reading and I look forward to talking with you guys. Its good to be back lol.

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