GoDaddy Corals Hundreds of Thousands of Spam Domains

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    GoDaddy Corals Hundreds of Thousands of Spam Domains, a popular and controversial domain registrar, has over a quarter of a million spam domains on a group of servers called This domain is non-resolving so the sites who have had their name servers pointed to it are affectively dead as are the email addresses linked to them. About 90% of the domains sent to this purgatory are .info domains.

    The company says most of the domains were suspending for pumping out large amounts of spam or conducting phishing attacks, with the rest being there for offenses such as distributing child pornography or piracy:

    This doesn’t explain why ended there last month. The company provides webform creation tools for hundreds of thousands of customers and got a rude awakening when they discovered their domain has been pointed to the spam and abuse server. GoDaddy told them their site was under investigation and referred them to the Secret Service. The site owners called and were told the matter would be looked into within a matter of days, but kept calling, acknowledging at one point that the agent became angry with them.

    The company eventually moved to the .net version of their domain and recently discovered their original domain had been released from the abuse server, but still doesn’t know why the ended up there to begin with. The case has resulted in hostility toward GoDaddy as people blamed them, not the Secret Service or Jotform themselves for what happened, even though Jotform admitted they have a problem with phishers using their service and shut down 65,000 phishing accounts last year alone.

    I think it’s obvious GoDaddy did what they were told to by the Secret Service. If they had refused, what do you think would have happened? Nothing good for GoDaddy I’m sure!


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