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    Maximize Email Effectiveness with Google’s Wonder Wheel

    What is the Wonder Wheel?

    Found in the search options panel on, the Wonder Wheel is an interactive tool which uniquely presents search results in a visually compelling manner. To the left, the graph-like representation shows various relevant keywords and phrases based on the original keyword search. On the right are Google’s search results based on the results of the Wonder Wheel.

    It’s a user-friendly tool that is actually fun to interact with. The user can search for any number of queries and click through each relevant phrase that is generated, all the while Google generates new results with each click of the wheel. Users can always scroll back to the original query in just a few clicks.
    How Can Email Marketers Use This Tool?

    Since summer is here, let’s use the example of an ice cream palor. As the email marketer of Sammy’s Home Made Ice Cream I can use the Wonder Wheel to zone in what people are searching for. Here I used the search phrase “ice cream” and saw that people are searching for flavors, the history of ice cream, recipes, games and a variety of other topics.


    Since Sammy’s has exquisite flavors, I decide to click through on this link for more specific search results. Here I see people are searching for “crazy” and “weird” ice cream flavors and immediately start brainstorming a humorous newsletter around this topic.


    I can continue to drill down even deeper for more content ideas:


    Based on my Wonder Wheel search results I can craft an email campaign around our various ice cream flavors using headings like “The Top 5 Craziest Ice Cream Flavors” and for those less-daring ice cream consumers a second article on “Introducing our Two Newest Gourmet Ice Cream Flavors.”

    Ultimately the Wonder Wheel can be a great tool to help any email marketer, in all industries and types of businesses, come up with unique content, identify topics and areas of interest and to find out what people are searching for.

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