Google Just Made It Drop Dead Simple To Unsubscribe From Emails You Don't Want

Discussion in 'Mail Chat' started by PushSend, Aug 6, 2014.

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    Google just officially rolled out a new Gmail format that makes it extremely simple to unsubscribe from email lists you no longer want to be part of.

    Instead of scrolling through an entire message, hunting for the unsubscribe link, you'll be able to de-clutter your inbox in half-a-second by pushing the "Unsubscribe" button right at the top of the email.

    Lest email marketers start panicking, Google makes a point to ensure this new button is going to be good for them, too.

    "Making the unsubscribe option easy to find is a win for everyone," Google writes. "For email senders, their mail is less likely to be marked as spam and for you, you can now say goodbye to sifting through an entire message for that one pesky link."

    When a legitimate company that sends a lot of updates, like Groupon, gets too many of its messages marked as spam because users don't want the emails anymore but can't figure out how to unsubscribe, it can cause Google to classify that sender as a spammer. Getting marked as a spammer causes all sorts of delivery issues for the sender.

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    Thanks for the share, although I don't see this working so well in reality...
    This feature is going to be abused and I think cause a slew of delivery issues, well beyond what they are now...
    Time will tell I guess...
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    I wouldn't mind so much if Google would offer a widely available FBL like most majors but then again, I'm not a google fan anyway. Just wish I bought stock at their IPO :D

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