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    Why choose GraphicMail?

    Our Interface - Simple to use. Take a no obligation free trial today!

    Commitment to Deliverability - We closely monitor all our IP addresses, conform to all industry best practices and technological standards and have white-listing arrangements with major ISPs such as AOL. We also offer dedicated IP addresses for clients who want more control over their own deliverability.

    Sophisticated Feature Set – We give you everything offered by the competition and beyond, For example mobile phone Text messaging (SMS), Auto-Responders, List Segmentation (by demographics or email response behavior) and an hosted Image Library.

    Competitive Pricing - Our Monthly and Pay-as-you-go price plans are the most flexible offers on the net.

    The Innovative Team - We’re global and multi-lingual, which gives us insight into diverse market niches and ensures that we can think outside the box.

    Refund Policy - Given at least five working days’ notice in writing, Quattro Internet Solutions may at their discretion make a full or partial refund of unused credits for the remaining period of the GraphicMail subscription.

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