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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Jesse and I'm a bizz opp advertiser
    with a straight sale.

    We pay weekly … (can even do daily with
    enough volume). No cap as of now on the offer …
    looking for as much traffic as you can produce.

    The offer is a $97 cost to consumer and the EPC’s
    have been insanely high.

    The offer has 3 downsells of $77, $67 and $57.

    We are paying a $140 CPA on it.

    The $140 CPA fires on all price points ... $97,
    $77, $67 and $57 cost to consumer.

    With internal traffic we've tested, we are seeing
    $1.50 EPC for emailing ... $4.75 EPC on
    search traffic, and $5.60 EPC on display.
    We accept US, UK, CA, and AU traffic.

    We are looking to scale our offer and very
    interested in discussing getting some new
    publishers running it.

    Please hit me up if you’d like to discuss the
    offer and see the page.


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