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Discussion in 'Mail Chat' started by roundabout, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Several weeks ago I was attending a small mailer meetup, and met a major
    ISP owner - this guy took the cake: rude, crude, and didn't even bother to
    shake my hand. Instead, he just touted "I don't let mailers on my network

    "So what the hell are you doing here, at a mailer meetup" I thought... and
    ignored him for the remainder of the night.

    Upon leaving the shindig, I saw the guy getting a drink at the bar. He was
    definitely loaded, his head swaying in all directions, and slurring his

    "You know about the magic header tag?" he asks, with a smirk.

    "No, what are you talking about?"

    He waddles up to me, "One of my close buddies used to be a Hotmail Webmaster.
    He told me once, while drunk, they have a magic header tag they use for their
    international ticketing email system, to guarantee the email gets placed properly
    in the queue and doesn't get filtered. He told me the tag before he threw up and
    passed out."

    I figured he was full of crap, obviously drunk off his rocker, and said "Oh
    THAT tag. Yeah, everyone knows about it."

    "No I ain't talking about that one, THIS ONE" (he whispers the magic tag in
    my ear)

    "Thank you, I'll give it a try!"

    "You didn't hear it from me" he burped, and walked off.

    The next day, I added the header tag to my regular email drop, and was amazed
    that my double optin list which normally partially inboxes Hotmail, went in
    100%. I've been using it ever since, and from the hundreds of thousands of
    dollars earned from his tips, I am eternally thankful.

    I received an email from this guy yesterday telling me (in hints) that the
    magic header tag will no longer be working as of 4-15-11, as they apparently
    are changing their filters. So, as a gift to everyone, rather than be greedy,
    I have decided to release publically the header tag, and let everyone flourish
    for another 14 days before it's extinct.

    Please enjoy while you can. Simply place this tag at the top of your email
    headers and you'll inbox each time:

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    works as well...
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    Make this into an ebook and sell it to people on AssHat World and DP.

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