How to deal with New FaceBook emails?

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    Is anyone managing data from yet?

    Here are some issues to consider first

    Message Rendering
    Since Facebook seemed to be aiming for a messaging/SMS platform more than a state-of-the-art email platform, rendering HTML wasn’t on their shortlist. Your beautifully crafted HTML will look like garbage, with all of the tags visible, unless you optimize a text version and use multipart mime. The carnage doesn't end there. The user still has to click “expand” to see your HTML in its entire splendor. Will they? Not likely.

    Well, even if this platform is currently more SMS than email, your emails to @facebook domains needs to be CAN-SPAM compliant with postal address, unsubscribe functionality, etc. Facebook themselves leveraged this CAN-SPAM to fight fraudulent Facebook pages. As Mediapost reported recently, “In an opinion issued this week, U.S. District Court Judge Jeremy Fogel in San Jose, Calif. denied MaxBounty's motion to dismiss a lawsuit accusing it of violating the spam law by creating allegedly fraudulent Facebook pages. The marketing company MaxBounty contended that such pages were not governed by the federal anti-spam law because that statute deals with "electronic messages." The company argued that electronic messages means mail to users' in-boxes.

    But Fogel disagreed. "A determination that the communications at issue here are 'electronic messages' ... is consistent with the intent of Congress to mitigate the number of misleading commercial communications that overburden infrastructure of the internet," he wrote.

    In the end, fraudulent content is not welcome in email or any other messaging platform. Facebook Messaging will undoubtedly change over time, and become either more or less marketer friendly. However, at this point it is mostly a “not yet.”

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