How to ENTER Affiliate Networks. Guide for NOOBIES.

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    There is a widespread desire to make money sitting on a couch. It seems that affiliate marketing networks are a good opportunity to make this dream come true. But it’s only in a theory. When a noobie starts to deal with networks he/she realizes that this business is not so easy to get in. The first aim is to get an account and to be approved by an affiliate network’s support . And then work hard to gain the profit. About this we will tell you right now.


    Firstly. You need to prove that you will work well and bring a good quality traffic which makes real leads and conversion. Only in this case partnership between an affiliate and a network will be profitable for both sides. Any source of traffic is checked by support managers and if the quality is not so good they can freeze your payouts. Logic is simple: if there is a low percent of buying out of orders your leads brought you won’t get the money for them. No affiliate network wants to work with minus balance. That’s why support pays a lot of attention to this. You can prove that you are honest if you will show statistic’s screenshot which reflects your previous wins in the internet marketing. That mean that you can work well and know how to get good traffic.

    But what you should do if this is your first steps in this sphere?

    You should prove that you are the real person and not a grifter. First of all, you need to show that you are real person photo of your passport isn’t necessary, but you may give a link to your account in social networks.

    Secondly. You need to show where you gonna get your traffic. It may be your personal sources: website, blog or public in social networks. Your source must have at least 200 unique clicks per day. If you have a site with adult content, there should be at least 600 unique clicks per day. If this is a niche’s recourse with a narrowly targeted audience then 70-100 clicks per day will be enough. Please pay attention that your site should be based on paid platform. If you have created your site on any of free platforms be ready that support manager can decline your sources as channels of traffic and you won’t get account approve. Also, affiliate networks can decline your request if you have only one source of traffic at any postpaid resource, for example like “facebook” or “yahoo!” since in this case there is no guaranty that affiliate has money for internet marketing tools and will pay for his traffic.

    But don’t be upset if you don’t have your own source of traffic. If you don’t have your own web source you may buy this traffic. Send a screenshot of your personal account with the amount of money at any traffic market to support manager of your affiliate network. It will show that you have serious intentions and you are interested in bringing real leads. In this case, your chance to be approved is much higher.

    Thirdly. You should write a business plan and show it to your support manager. It must contain main issues concerning how exactly you gonna bring the leads, your good knowledge of the sphere an offer belongs to), What kind of ad platforms you will choose to promote this offer. You don’t need to tell your support manager all profitable key schemes, just show that you know how to monetize the traffic.

    Follow this simple rules and your chance to get an approved account in an affiliate network will rise. Even if you just begin your way in affiliate marketing.

    Go ahead!

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