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    The biggest problem you are running into, is your IP reputation. Dont mind the Blacklisting.
    You need to spend quite a bit of time to get your IP trusted by all the spam watchers out there. IT won't happen over night, and most likely will takes months to gain the "Trust" from the spam watchers.
    Take the time and go to each of the IP White listers out there. Add you Ip to their list, put the appropriate code into your mail server, so that it calls back to the white lister to show them you are sending legit mail.
    What you are running into has nothing to do with the program you are using. I have used desktop mailer / scripts for about 8 years, and have no problems with deliver-ability. But it has taken months and months of hard work to make sure, my server was playing nice with the other servers and I am not hammering their servers.
    I know you want to send all mass emails right now, but do it slow and steady. The more bounce backs you get, the worse your reputation will be. Keep your sends to no more then 10K per day, slow and steady. Clean the list of bounce backs and spam traps. You will get blacklisted, then take the time to get yourself un-blacklisted. You will have to contact all the major players to get your IP whitelisted, some do that night away others take weeks.
    Take it slow and easy, it is the only way to get your mail delivered.

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