Interspire with Multiple MTA:

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    The principal problem with bulk mailing is get the IP blacklisted,
    and the Interspire Limitation is "can't use more than one SMTP server at same time"

    With interspire we will do:
    MTA: Mail Transfer Agent (SMTP)

    First stage:
    - Install Multiple MTA addon
    - Link the Contact List to one(or more) SMTP
    - Optimize Database<->Interspire cache

    - Use Multiple MTA on the Fly (you can send one campaign with different MTA in the same time)

    Second stage:
    - Rotate SMTP in one contact list
    - Rotate SMTP based in IP reputation

    - Smart Engine to select SMTP based in the domain-to recipient
    - Smart Engine to analyze the are recipient and use one SMTP on this area.
    - Personalized bounce processing(maybe use a external Bounce Process API)
    For more details mail us to [email protected] or Skype ID:

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