Introducing the SNOTSKO List

Discussion in 'Mail Chat' started by roundabout, May 4, 2011.

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    I'm fed up with all the forum spam lately, so I've decided to create an official list to deter these
    spammers from ever posting again. With their names and associates/partners listed for all to see,
    they will undoubtedly crawl back into their holes and hide from the wrath they cause us.

    The SNOTSKO List (Stop Nailing Our Threads with Spam, Known Offender)

    SNOTSKO Record #100: Jeffrey Dubois, Canadian Pharmacy Forum Spammer

    Last Known Photo:

    SNOTSKO Record #101: Rajasthan, The Spammer who posts on an English-only speaking forum cryptic languages that nobody can even read anyway.

    Last Known Photo:

    SNOTSKO Record #102: Sneaky Stan, the guy who pretends to join the current conversation by posting "I agree with the last poster" and has the spam in his signature.

    Last Known Photo:

    Please note, I am going to pass your email addresses to BlackHatWorld as part of a "free email list" to extract my revenge. Within 24 hours you can expect loads of noob spam from Spire and Mail King Pro.

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