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    Key Largo, FL!
    Please use this section to introduce yourself to the crew!

    I will break the ice...

    Hi my name is Erin. I like long walks on the beach and believe that there really are pots of gold at the end of rainbows! LMAO.

    For real, most everyone knows me but here is a quick background just in case you dont!

    • I have 12 years of experience in email marketing. I seriously thought I was going to be out of a job in 2003 when CANSPAM passed. I have always focused on the business side of things and am tech illiterate. Seriously, if you start speaking anything beyond high level tech my eyes glaze over and it's like the opening scene of the 1st episode of Breaking Bad when Walt gets his cancer diagnosis "wah wah wah." It's nothing personal. =)
    • I spent 3 years heading up the bizdev side of Vayan, who at the time was one of the largest mailers in the space. I am a whiz at optimizing schedules, creatives, from/ subjects, etc. and any sort of analytics surrounding mailing. I am complete nerd, this stuff excites me! You really would be surprised how a few changes to what you are sending can make a big impact on your revenue. I am always willing to find the time to help any of our publishers that are interested in this!
    • I switched to focusing on the network side in 2008 when I went to work for MarketLeverage. It was a great experience and I definitely learned a lot about what to do and what not to do to make a network successful. I headed up their agency division and our main client was the Summer Bay/ Park Royal travel offers - Free Cancun, Napa Valley, Sedona, etc. We also had other clients in most verticals and spent a ton of time building and optimizing sites! (Side note - I am currently working with some big brands in the travel space and if the tests go well get ready for some kick ass offers!)
    • I now have had the amazing opportunity to start CrushAds. My main goal in doing this was to create a network that is a true partner and that puts it's affiliates first! We don't just want to peddle you watered down offers, we want to help your business succeed in any way that we can. We love working with everyone on here and are hoping that this section helps take things to the next level and turns into a serious resource for everyone! We are also working on some exciting things that when they fully launch should help mailers make a lot more money without really doing anything more than they already are - stay tuned for more details!

    Ok, now it's your turn!
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    I'm Dina, and I'm an Affiliate Manager with Crush Ads. Prior to joining Crush in May, I worked as a Project Manager for a tech marketing agency, and social media/marketing director for MarketLeverage, which is where I met Erin. They were both incredible experiences, but I missed the fun, dedication and flexibility of the affiliate space, so here I am again!

    I also had the opportunity to work with Loren Feldman and Jason Calacanis on a few projects in the startup/ production industries. I love, love, love social media and will talk your ear off about it. I've had the opportunity to do just that at Apple and Affiliate Summit East recently, and will be speaking at AMDays in Fort Lauderdale in October.

    I do a lot of volunteer work with animal rescues and troop support organizations, and donate a percentage of my earnings to several reputable organizations. I even offer to do donations for some of my affiliates if they have a cause close to their heart(s). Ask me about this if you're interested!

    The fun stuff:
    I don't watch a ton of TV and prefer to read my Kindle (weird, right?!), but I do have a few guilty pleasures (mainly So You Think You Can Dance - what up Twitch?! and The Bachelorette). My favorite movie is Memento, and my favorite band/singer are Maroon 5, Chris McCarty, Neon Trees and Jason Mraz.

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