Invisible Email Messages - Can They See You?

Discussion in 'Mail Chat' started by PushSend, May 24, 2011.

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    You mail your lists over and over, cultivating them for your openers/clickers. You send a myriad of messages and slowly, over time, you build up a nice list, export it and move on. Right? But what do you do with your now "dead data"? Do you file it away on your hard drive somewhere? Put it on an external HD so it'll never see the light of day again? Or do you give it a few good "last passes" just to see if there's anything left in it that you should know about?

    Let's face it, we have no CLUE what is going through the minds of our recipients as they look at our offerings. And if your list has become stale, maybe it's you and not the list. Did you become "invisible" to them? Well, maybe so. So here's a few things that you could try before you shelf that data for good.



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