Is Anti-Spam Becoming Worse Than The Problem?

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    No one actually likes spam, at least not the unwanted junk email variety. Whether it is proposals from would-be deposed Nigerian dictators, ads for Viagra, or fake Better Business Bureau alerts, spam is annoying. Coupled with phishing scams, links to spoofed websites and other attempts to deceive, spam is very dangerous.

    But are the counter-measures actually helping, or are they becoming worse than the problem?

    There are essentially several methods for stopping spam, and these include proactive and reactive methods. And some can be frustrating, and worse can actually block legitimate email. And this begs the question, which is worse — getting annoying email or not having your own email go through?

    The irony is that the Can-Spam Act of 2003 was supposed to allow people to opt out of commercial emails, while still providing a way for businesses to legitimately send bulk email. The problem is that it caused many less than legit types to devise new ways of sending that bulk email.

    The question to ask is why do the spammers bother?

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