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    *Note* Looking more so to find an advertiser and go direct here instead of with a network.. So its less likely to get shut down and not as restrctive. I can say a lot more stuff. ALSO NO SHAVING! With these offers there is a number of networks out there offering them that shave heavily. I know this from experience. Its the truth.

    Offers primarily looking for are :

    -Womens Offers - Beauty / Health / Offers created for women?
    -Womens Leadership (National Assocation of Professional Women (NPW) - per lead $* or better with NO shaving like some of the current networks are doing.
    -Coeds who's who directory - $ per lead
    -Mens who's who directory - $ per lead
    -Surfacepro DIY wood/concrete/etc surface product - (usually paying $** per lead on the networks) - Wanting offer without all
    the restrictions / cap that the pub networks put on it.
    -Merchant Cash Advance - $** per lead or better
    -Business Loans - $** per lead or better

    If you have any of the above offers please MSG me ASAP! and let me know the details, payout and how the offer is converting for other affiliates. Lets work something out here. I have the exact data for these offers that DOES convert. Converts too good.
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