Looking for eHarmony offer (and/or Fubar + [insert solid dating offer here]

Discussion in 'Networks Discussion' started by damian, Nov 1, 2015.

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    Like the title says I'm looking for the eHarmony offer that ranges from $6-10 per lead.

    The main goal is to find that offer. Next would either Fubar or some other decent dating offer (PPL preferably). When it comes to choosing between Fubar and some other dating offer I'm very open-minded. The last time I ran Fubar was like 2 years ago so I doubt it would even convert but the thing is I know my data works really well with dating offers (again, PPL it seems) so if you got some legit dating offers, hit me up.

    Traffic is a mix of GI & TLD.

    EDIT: seems some people have been getting me confused with Damian from Deliverability Agent. hoping to let it be known that I do not work with/for Deliverability Agent/Damian. They are a seperate entity. (Although I do recommend them and their services like Hygiene Agent...Damian (from DA) is a real stand up guy)
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