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    MailChimp - The Rocket Science Group

    Located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and found at

    Products and services

    MailChimp is an online tool that helps people setup and manage their opt-in email lists, send email newsletters and promotions, and track campaign performance.
    Customers we serve

    We help companies of all shapes and sizes, from all over the world. The one trait they have in common is they're all self-proclaimed "control freaks." They prefer to design and code their own emails, and don't want any boilerplate designs or templates to get in their way. They want a system that's easy to use, but gives them full control over their lists, their opt-in forms, their email designs...everything.
    Why you should pick us

    With MailChimp, there are no WYSIWYGs, boilerplate designs, or templates you're forced to use. There are no tools to help you with your HTML, and no step-by-step tutorials that teach you what "email marketing" means.

    And to a lot of people, that's a good thing.

    If you're a "design-it-yourselfer" that can already handle all the creative stuff, but you simply need a reliable delivery and tracking tool to get your campaigns delivered, give MailChimp a try.

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