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    Hi guys, my background is in the enterprise mail world, along with marketing automation. I do some mailing for myself - mainly to promote a content site.

    I use iem to manage campaigns, and pmta on a different server, which sends to pmta nodes in order to protect the iem and main pmta servers.

    1. What do you think would be the best approach for promoting the content site to a clean 1-2 million GI list via mail? Use a single VPS for every drop then move to another, or use multiple VPSs and warm them up slowly?

    2. When people click they go to the site I am promoting, which is clean and has good content, nothing scammy. What steps, if any, can be taken to ensure the site is protected from the odd angry person?

    Note: all mail is compliant, unsubscribe is always honored and those people never receive mail again. The site is clean and has good content, doesn't sell anything. It's an all around clean operation, no selling or scamming at any level (not that anyone does that).

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