Michele Bachmann Campaign Engages In Spam

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    Michele Bachmann Campaign Engages In Spam, Steals Homeschool Organizations Email List


    As if her campaign wasn’t already in enough trouble reports are circulating that staffers for Michele Bachmann stole an email list belonging to the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators (NICHE) and then sent spam emails to their homeschooling participants.

    The “co-opting” of the email list according to the organization was taken and used without permission.

    According to NICHE they realized the spam was occurring when two emails were sent to the list from the Bachmann campaign.

    In the meantime it has been determined that one NICHE board member is a paid employee for the Bachmann campaign although the group’s President says the campaign’s mistake was “inadvertent” and that the campaign does not endorse Michele Bachmann for President.

    Now that the email has been sent Federal law requires that NICHE charge a usage fee to the Bachmann campaign and then offer other Presidential hopefuls the chance to pay for two emails that can be sent out to their homeschooling members.

    If the Bachmann campaign is found to have used the list without any expressed permission from the group how do you think the issue should be dealt with?

    TheIowaRepublican.com obtained the following message from Justin LaVan, the group’s president:


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