Mobile Email Marketing 101 Webinar

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    Mobile Email Marketing 101 Webinar

    Do you know how many subscribers are reading your emails on mobile devices? Do you even know what your emails look like on a mobile device?

    If you’re not designing for mobile, you’re likely seeing decreasing open, click through, and conversion rates. You only have a few seconds to hook recipients and prompt them to open and act on your email, so it’s important to design for those reading your emails on the go.

    In “Mobile Email Marketing 101,” Blue Sky Factory and Wood Street talk about all you need to know to ensure your emails are designed and optimized for mobile devices, including:

    Key design elements for mobile devices
    Strategy tips and tricks to get recipients to act on your mobile emails
    The nuances of email on different mobile devices
    Access the full webinar with audio

    Check out the webinar here:

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