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    We are offering incentivized and non-incentivized offer walls and offer paths (think old co-reg paths but mobile offers) for Android, iPhone & Windows Phone apps with no SDK required.

    Our incentivized offer wall caters to apps with a virtual currency. point system or cash. You can expect high conversion rates and revenue through the incentivized offer wall. We have 70%-80% revenue share on CPI (Cost Per Install) We can work with desktop traffic by detecting the desktop and giving the user the ability to enter their email or cell (non of that data we keep) and sending the wall, path or offer to them.

    We are also exploring with select publishers that have volume on CPV (mobile app trailers) on a incent and non incent that back out into a cpmv (users must view the trailer :15 seconds long) around $2cpm.

    Our non-incentivized offer walls act more like an extra feature for your mobile traffic showing off great apps. Some developer like to put this on their entrance of the app or the exit. You can also add a "More Apps" or "More Games" button in one of your menus. Have a mobile website? You can use this offer wall here. Revenue share for our non-incentivized offer wall is also 70%-80%.

    We work directly with the largest app developers in 100 different countries. Our “paths or walls” do all the work. We detect the device and only show apps for that device, can detect county and can white label the process via SDK, API or postback.

    We are looking to get some feedback from the affiliate community to see what the interest level there is in running a “wall” non-incent or incent or “email flow” incent or non incent etc.

    We seem to think there is a lot of potential in the following areas: exit traffic, email, thank you pages, solo email, newsletters, game sites, mobile parked domains, CPA wall… our development team can cater to your traffic if it make sense for all parties.

    Please PM me if you have interest, suggestions or questions.

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