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    Owned and operated by JBA Network, Inc.

    Lonnie LePore
    JBA Network, Inc.
    311 Montford Ave.
    Asheville, NC 28801
    Phone: (828) 232-0016
    Fax: (480) 275-3758
    Email: [email protected]

    some of their services include content:

    We Write, We Design, YOU SEND.
    Content Corner delivers ready-to-send, content-rich emails you can brand, personalize, and customize.
    Content Corner gives you all the advantages of email marketing without all the work.
    Content Corner is like having a professional writing staff without the cost.

    More FREE Features

    Design & Editing
    Easy to use Genie Newsletter Editor
    Banner Maker header customization
    Pixlr & Picnik image editing
    Editable event calendar-articles
    Advanced HTML editor
    Automated insertion of stored content
    Audio & video one-click streaming
    Unlimited multimedia storage
    Hundreds of stock buttons & banners
    Thousands of editable stock templates
    Flikr import app
    Help and Support
    Free tutorials & webinars
    Live support & full resource library
    Sharing & Publishing
    Social media sharing tools
    Free online publishing & archiving
    List Building
    Unlimited segmentable contact lists
    Sign-up form builder
    Customizable subscription forms
    Unlimited sending options
    Near 100% deliverability
    Auto-series campaign automation
    Automated bounce management
    Automated CAN-SPAM compliance
    Automated email personalization
    Open & click-through tracking
    Survey Gizmo integration
    Google Analytics integration
    Exportable subscriber reports
    Advanced (Optional)
    3rd Party App Integration
    Tiered multi-account management

    With pay as you go and pay per million, they have a lot of options for you.

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