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Discussion in 'Noob Central' started by prontoam, Nov 28, 2011.

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    Nov 23, 2011
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    I'm new to the forum... found it through Linkedin and well I spent the long holiday weekend reading as much as I could.

    I've been doing small volume and researching a way to scale up, and I think I learned more here over the weekend than after a year of asking around in other places.

    One thing I didn't find here (and there may be a good reason for it - I dunno) is a resource page with different services.
    I know I will need to get a few things in place before I scale up:

    • Server/ IP
    • Mailer Platform
    • Data
    • Data Scrubbing
    • Tracking / Split testing
    • Coaching(?)
    Can someone point me in the right direction on prices, etc?

    If you offer any of these, please let me know as I'll be setting up my system within the next couple of weeks. I figure 4 weeks at least to warm up IPs before scaling up.

    I appreciate all the useful posts you guys have posted here. I'm making MailerForum my new homepage now

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